Summer Classes

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Summer Evening/Weekend Classes (June 18 – August 18)

Summer dance classes in ballet and other disciplines for ages 3-adult.

Click here for a printable PDF about the Summer class session.


Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
5:30-7:00 Ballet for Levels 7-9 (as of 2018/19 year)  Register 5:30-6:15 Creative Movement (age 3-4) Register 5:30-6:45 Ballet Levels 3-4 (as of 2018/19 year) Register
7:00-8:00 Pointe for Levels 7-9 (as of 2018/19 year) Register 6:15-7:00 Early Ballet (age 5-6) Register 6:45-8:15 Ballet Levels 5-6 (as of 2018/19 year) Register
7:00-8:00 Beginning Ballet (age 7-9) Register


Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
5:30-6:30 Teen Ballet (age 12+) Register 5:30-6:15 Creative Movement (age 3-4) Register 5:30-7:00 Ballet Levels 4-5 (as of 2018/19 year) Register
6:30-7:30 Beginning Ballet (age 9-11) Register 6:15-7:00 Early Ballet (age 5-6) Register 7:00-8:30 Ballet for Levels 6-9 (as of 2018/19 year) Register
7:30-8:30 Adult Ballet Register 7:00-8:00 Intro to Pointe for Level 5 Register


Studio 1 Studio 2 Studio 3
5:30-7:00 Ballet for Levels 6-9 (as of 2018/19 year) Register 5:30-6:30 Hip Hop (age 7-10) Register 5:30-7:00 Ballet for Levels 4-5 (as of 2018/19 year) Register
7:00-8:00 Pointe for Levels 6-9 (as of 2018/19 year) Register 6:30-7:30 Hip Hop (age 11+) Register 7:00-8:15 Ballet for Levels 2-3 (as of 2018/19 year) Register


Studio 1
9:30-10:15: Creative Movement (age 3-4) Register
10:15-11:00: Early Ballet (age 5-6) Register
11:00-12:00: Beginning Ballet (age 7-9) Register

Register for summer dance classes online starting January 16th!  Click here to go straight to the registration portal.

Please click here for full online registration instructions (PDF).

Click here for a printable registration form.

Summer Dance Classes – Descriptions and Requirements

Youth Ballet

Creative Movement: ages 3- 4; explore movement, music, and rhythm.

Early Ballet: ages 5-6; learn fundamentals of technique in a fun, exploratory class.

Beginning Ballet: ages 7-9, 9-11 with little or no previous experience, or up to one year of previous experience.





Academic Ballet

Academic Ballet Levels 2-4:  ages 8-13 with two or more years of previous training. Requires faculty approval.

Academic Ballet Levels 5-9: ages 11-18 with three or more years of previous training; recommend two classes per week. Requires faculty approval.

Pointe: This class requires prior approval and concurrent enrollment in a technique class.

Introduction to Pointe for Level 5:This class requires prior faculty approval plus enrollment in a Pre-Pointe Workshop (see camp information) or private pre-pointe lessons. Must also be enrolled in a technique class.



Adults and Teen Ballet

Adult or Teen Ballet: Fundamental ballet technique at an age-appropriate level. Learn or improve your technique, strength and flexibility. Incorporates exercises at the barre and in center. Learn vocabulary; increase your technique, balance, strength, and flexibility. Beginners welcome.




Hip Hop: ages 7-10; beginner to advanced beginner class.

Teen Hip Hop: ages 11+ with or without dance training; upbeat hip hop class that focuses on rhythm, creativity and style.





Register online!  Click here to go straight to the registration portal.  Please click here for full online registration instructions (PDF).

Click here for a printable registration form.


9-week registration (one class per week):
45-min class $135
60-min classes $169
75 or 90-min classes $195

Advanced Class Drop-in: (available only for Levels 6-9 or adult students)
75 or 90-min classes $22
60-min classes $20
Drop-in students must check in at the front desk to provide payment before class


(N0 substitutions please. Must enroll in entire bundle to receive savings. Not valid in combination with other offers.)

Levels 6-9: $525 (30% savings). Includes any combination of four Technique or Pointe classes.

Level 5: $420 (25% savings). Includes 2 Ballet Technique classes, 1 Intro to Pointe class

Levels 2-5: $295 (19% savings). Includes 1 Ballet Technique class, 1 Hip Hop

Camp & Class Academic Ballet Bundle: Any student eligible to enroll in Academic Ballet technique or pointe classes will receive five vouchers for drop-in evening classes with their enrollment in 3 or more weeks of daytime camp or intensive programming. Vouchers must be used for technique or pointe classes and are valid only for the summer 2018 session, as space allows. Vouchers are not transferable.


MBT offers a discount on the 9-week class session when you register for a “Ballet Bundle” of classes. These account adjustments need to be processed by an office staff member. After you submit your online registration with deposit, please call or email the Registrar at 301-762-1757 or You may also register in the office. Registration opens January 16th.

Register online!  Click here to go straight to the registration portal.  Please click here for full online registration instructions (PDF).

Limited scholarships available. Please inquire to the office.