apBEO9ewNBgYQnnagBpY68JpLHa63mMdxzD71Vwsi7gMBT is unique as a classical ballet school in that we are all-inclusive.  We accept any student, regardless of age, size, shape, technical ability, previous experience, future aspirations or economic circumstances.  We serve students from age 3 through adult, and include an adaptive ballet program for those students with developmental or physical disabilities.  We believe arts education makes a well-rounded person, and that every student deserves the opportunity for a premier dance education.


Gaithersburg: 220 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg, MD, 20877, conveniently located off of Clopper Road, near I-270 (exit 10N, exit 11S), and Rt. 355. Classes are held in three large, bright dance studios, all of which include a Harlequin sprung dance floor system, Halequin marley, and an integrated, multi-media AV/sound system. Ceilings allow a minimum 13.5’ clearance.

Clarksburg: MBT is opening a second location at 22530 Gateway Center Drive in Clarksburg, MD in August 2018, conveniently located near the Clarksburg Outlets, 1270 (exit 18), and Clarksburg Town Center. This location will also include three large, bright classroom studios, Harlequin sprung dance floor systems, Harlequin marley, and an integrated, multi-media AV/sound system. Ceilings will allow a minimum 13.5′ clearance.

Admissions Policy

The academic year program is open to all students desiring to train at its facilities.  MBT is an equal opportunity school and does not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, age, color, national origin or sexual orientation.  New students may be required to participate in a placement class to determine appropriate class level.  Applicants are required to pay a $35 non-refundable annual registration fee and their tuition upon placement.

Tuition and Fees

A $35 non-refundable annual registration fee per student is due with registration. Tuition for full-year classes or Semester classes is payable in full at registration or may be payable in installments through an automated payment plan.  Payment plans must be automated with a credit/debit card kept on file at MBT. Payment plans for the Academic Year must be fulfilled by November 1 (Semester 1) or March 1 (Full-year or Semester 2), unless otherwise permitted in writing by an authorized member of MBT’s staff on the payment plan authorization form. Tuition paid in full by check or cash only prior to August 15 will be given a 2% discount on tuition. (Payment by cash/check is encouraged to save MBT credit card fees.) A $25 late fee is assessed for payment after due date due to expired/declined account information.  It is your responsibility to notify the office with any changes to your payment method. Semester classes are discounted only with commitment to a full year. Tuition is pro-rated for mid-year enrollments. All tuition is non-refundable.  Special price options for additional classes outside of initial program are to be used by same student; siblings may not “share” that offer. Tuition for MBT’s Summer program is payable under a separate payment plan.


For some classes, placement by an MBT faculty member will be required as noted. For all classes not requiring a faculty placement, students are placed based on their age as of September 1st of the current school year. For summer classes, students are placed based on their age at the time of the program. Please call 301-762-1757 to schedule a placement class, trial class, or to make an appointment to visit our studios.


Limited need-based scholarships available for Academic Year and Summer programs. A short application and documentation are required. Please inquire to the office for a scholarship application.

Dress Code

ballet classes gaithersburgAll students must furnish their own clothing and shoes for class as well as shoes, tights and a nude leotard for under costumes at  performances. MBT provides costumes for performances. All students should be dressed in appropriate uniform by the end of the second week of classes. These items will be available for purchase at MBT studios.  Click here for a printable dress code.

Creative Movement

Females: Uniform Leotard,  pink leather ballet shoes

Males: Black shorts, white t-shirt, black leather ballet shoes



Hair in a bun; short hair pulled back with band; all bangs neatly pinned and sprayed back.
Uniform leotard (must be specific brand/color available at MBT; purchase through MBT or other dance supply store; no glitter, sequins, or skirts on leotards are permitted)

Creative Movement & Early Ballet: light pink, short sleeve, no glitter or skirts on leotard
Ballet 1: light violet, short sleeve
Ballet 2: navy blue, short sleeve
Ballet 3: maroon, short sleeve
Ballet 4: hunter green, tank style sleeveless
Ballet 5: magenta, choice of four Motionwear styles
Ballet 6: purple, choice of four Motionwear styles
Ballet 7: turquoise, choice of four Motionwear styles
Ballet 8: royal blue, choice of four Motionwear styles
Ballet 9: teal, choice of Motionwear styles
Ballet 9+: teal and black, choice of styles, see faculty

Youth Ballet – Beginning Ballet: any light pink leotard
Youth Ballet Levels:
2Y: light blue, short sleeve
3Y: red, short sleeve
4Y: Gaithersburg: hunter green short sleeve; Clarksburg: green SoDanca tank style sleeveless
5Y: berry, tank style sleeveless
6Y: aubergine, tank style sleeveless
Teen Ballet: any black leotard

Pink seamed, footed ballet tights (transition tights recommended)
Ballet 5-9+ students must also have a black ballet skirt for community outreach performances or student presentations in the black box theater


Creative Movement/Early Ballet/Academic Ballet 1-4/All Youth Ballet levels: pink leather ballet shoes w/ full sole & sewn elastics.
Academic Ballet 3-4: Option of leather ballet shoes w/ split sole & sewn elastics
Academic Ballet 5-9+: pink leather or canvas ballet shoes w/ split sole & sewn elastics.
Pointe shoes- new pointe shoes must be approved by instructor prior to sewing ribbons and elastic.


Plain white T-shirt tucked into black tights
White socks
White or black ballet shoes with sewn elastic strap

Jazz  (including Street Jazz):


Hair pulled neatly up and off face; all bangs pinned and sprayed back.
Solid color leotard with the options of black tights/leggings or black jazz shorts
Jazz shoes; dance sneakers are not permitted.


Solid color T-shirt tucked into black tights or black shorts
Jazz shoes; dance sneakers are not permitted.

Modern and Contemporary

Solid color leotard with the options of black tights/leggings or black jazz shorts.  Same as Jazz for males. Bare feet.

Hip Hop

Comfortable dance clothing, black-soled, non-marking sneakers.  Teen Hip Hop requires Jazz sneakers.   Any sneakers worn for dance class MAY NOT have been worn outside.

Hair – All Classes:

Females: Hair in a bun; short hair pulled back with fabric band; all bangs neatly pinned back.

Males: Long hair must be pulled away from face

All Ballet/Jazz/HipHop Students:

Students are encouraged to keep an extra pair of class shoes for use outdoors during community festival  performances (older/used pair is ok).  Once shoes have been worn outdoors, they may not be worn on MBT’s studio floor.

Important Notes:

No jewelry, watches, leg warmers or extra clothing of any kind may be worn to class. Dance shoes are not to be worn outside the studio on the street or sidewalk.  All students must wear street clothing over dance attire when arriving and leaving the studio.

Student Drop Off/Pick Up Policy

Students must be escorted by parent/guardian to and from the waiting room. This ensures the safety of the student and allows parent/guardian to check bulletin boards for important information. Written parental permission is required for alternative plan.

Inclement Weather Policy

MBT does not follow Montgomery County Public School’s policy concerning school closings. Please call the studio or check the website/social media pages after 2 pm on the day in question, a message will be posted if classes are canceled. If no cancellation message is left, please assume classes are being held.

Missed Classes/Tardiness

Attendance and punctuality are mandatory. Per MBT’s Code of Conduct, students arriving late are expected to apologize to the instructor and request permission to join class. Students arriving more than 10 minutes late will have missed important warm-up exercises and therefore be required to observe class. Habitual tardiness and absences will jeopardize the student’s future placement. Missed classes should be made up as soon as possible in a class of the same or lower level.

Code of Conduct

By registering for classes at Metropolitan Ballet Theatre & Academy, students and parents/guardians are expected to read and adhere to the Code of ConductLiability Policy, and Dress Code.  All of this information is also found  in print form at the MBT office.